Scary mistress ordering slave on chat

What a better way to get an extreme Dominatrix to train you and to put you in a straight jacket and give you a hardcore femdom fucking. Check out this super wild and brutal mistress we have HERE. She is really scary so much so that I had a hard time recording her in the bdsm mistress section on

She rather big and powerful and while I Was in her fetish chat room she was just menacing a rude member that she will take him into a padded room where no one can hear him scream and beat and abuse the hell out of that sissy slave. MsFrost was cursing the whole time, I enjoyed the heated bdsm show, watching that cunt of a member being stretched and thrown away like a plastic toy, verbally at least, by this strict and scary bbw mistress on webcam. It’s a response to the unbehaved slaves that come around her rom, so she forces them a little bit, just to keep the chat room in control and the sissies obedient. I would not want to make mistress MsFrost angry, no way Jose! She wears black and she has large breast that could choke a man! She is threating and slaves come to her for training and abuse all the time, her chat room was filled with abused sissies and forced cross dressers that were craving a strong hand to order them around while others were watching.

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